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The Pike Place Market’s year-round produce stands, called highstalls, sell fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, locally foraged mushrooms and seasonal favorites from around the world and from local growers. The highstalls are named for their elaborate displays of sumptuous fruits and vegetables that were traditionally built higher up from the floor than the metal tables used by farmers. The highstalls offer the highest quality produce available and often hand out samples of fruit.

Produce sellers at the Market set up their displays daily, so they can tell you exactly when the avocado you’re purchasing will be ripe or how long your greens will keep. Many highstall vendors are excellent cooks—ask them for tips on how to best prepare a fruit or vegetable that is new to you.

Choice Produce


Choice sits on the corner of Post Alley and Pike Place, a family owned business providing our city with a splash of color and an affordable alternative to the large impersonal super markets. The peppers on Post Alley are a unique reworking of an ancient practice. As an art piece, it will provide you with years of beauty. The peppers tell a familiar story as they slowly dry and preserve themselves. 

Sanitary Market
1514 Pike Pl, Seattle WA 98101

Corner Produce


Since 1957 our stand has been providing the best fruits and vegetables to both local customers and tourists. Owner Bob Klein opens and inspects each and every box of produce before it earns its way onto our stand. We also provide weekly delivery service to downtown businesses, local restaurants, building concierges and residents.

Corner Market
Opean daily 7 am - 5:30 pm
1500 Pike Pl, Seattle WA 98101

Frank's Quality Produce

Gift Fruit Baskets, Overnight Gift Boxes, Cherries


"Frank's Quality Produce" is a family owned and operated fruit stand located at the world famous Pike Place Market in the heart of downtown Swattle. Specializing in fresh fruits and vegetables and unique herbs from all over the world. Freshly made fruit baskets and gift boxes. Delivery available nationwide.

Corner Market
Mon - Sat: 7 am - 6 pm, Sunday: 7 am - 5 pm
206-624-5666   |   www.franksproduce.net
1508 Pike Place, Seattle WA 98101

Mama angelina's produce

Fresh organic quality produce fruits and vegetables in reasonable price.

Main Arcade
1509 Pike Pl, Seattle WA 98101

Manzo Brothers

Fruits & Vegetables


Great collection of fresh fruits and Vegetables

Main Arcade
1509 Pike Pl, Ste#5, Seattle WA 98101

Sosio's Produce

Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and Mushrooms


Sosio's is the home of the "Oh My God!" peaches. They sell fresh fruits and vegetables from all around the world. They also have the largest fresh mushroom display in the Market. They sell local, organic produce when it is in season. They invite you to come in for a free sample.

Main Arcade
6 am - 6 pm Monday-Saturday; 6 am - 5 pm Sunday
206-622-1370   |   www.sosiosproduce.com
1527 Pike Place, Seattle WA 98101