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PDA Council & Committees

The Pike Place Market Preservation & Development Authority (PDA) is a not-for-profit, public corporation chartered by the City of Seattle in 1973 to manage the properties in the nine-acre Market Historic District. The PDA is required to preserve, rehabilitate and protect the Market's buildings; increase opportunities for farm and food retailing in the Market; incubate and support small and marginal businesses; and provide services for low-income people.

PDA activities are governed by an all-volunteer, 12-member PDA Council. Council members serve as volunteers and are not compensated. Of the 12 members, four are appointed by the Mayor, four are elected by the Constituency, and four are appointed by the PDA Council. All Council members must be confirmed by the Seattle City Council and typically serve a four year term.

The PDA Council is the policy-making and oversight body that sets the direction for the activities of the PDA. The PDA Executive Director carries out the policies of the Council and directs the staff of the PDA. The Executive Director is appointed by and reports to the PDA Council. The PDA Council's policy-making and administrative oversight role is governed by the PDA Charter, PDA Rules and Regulations, the Historical Commission Ordinance, the Agreement with the City of Seattle for operation of the Daystalls, and City ordinances and state laws pertaining to the powers, responsibilities, and requirements of Public Development Authorities. The fundamental public purpose of the PDA is reflected in the PDA Charter. Read or download the PDA Charter.

In carrying out its policy-making and oversight roles, the Council is organized into four standing committees, sometimes including ad hoc committees when appropriate. Effective January 2012, the PDA Council has restructured Council committees to better align with current needs and staffing. Each committee reflects a distinct focus, with committee chairs reporting directly to the Executive Committee and Full Council.

The committees and their responsibilities are are:

  • MarketFront - waterfront related asset acquisition, development and programming
  • Executive - strategic issues, oversight and Council planning, crisis issues, personnel issues
  • Finance & Asset Management - budgeting, monitoring financial performance, financing for capital needs, use of reserve funds, cost control, leasing, capital projects, operations, and asset acquisition
  • Market Programs - farm and food, daystall, marketing, events, education, and other programs

To support these changes, the organization of PDA staff has been realigned to provide direct support for each committee and engage broader participation of PDA staff in reporting and policy development, including executive staff, directors, and managers.

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