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Council Members

PDA Council Members 2015:

Matt Hanna (Mayoral-appointed) - Chair

Patrick Kerr (Constituency-appointed) - Vice Chair

Gloria Skouge (Constituency-appointed) - Secretary/Treasurer

David Ghoddousi (Constituency-appointed) - Officer at Large

Ann Magnano (Mayoral-appointed) - Officer at Large

James Savitt (Mayoral-appointed)

Ray Ishii (PDA Council-appointed)

John Finke (PDA Council-appointed)

Colleen Bowman (Mayoral-appointed)

Betty Halfon (Constituency-appointed)

Patrice Barrentine (PDA Council-appointed)

Rico Quirindongo (PDA Council-appointed)

Committee Members and Officers 2014 - 2015:


  • Matt Hanna, Chair
  • Betty Halfon (Market Programs)
  • Gloria Skouge (Finance & Asset Management)
  • Rico Quirindongo (MarketFront)
  • Ann Magnano (At-Large Member)
  • David Ghoddousi (At-Large Member)

Finance & Asset Management

  • Gloria Skouge, Chair
  • Ann Magnano, Vice Chair
  • David Ghoddousi
  • Patrice Barrentine
  • James Savitt
  • John Finke 
  • Betty Halfon
  • Ray Ishii

Market Programs

  • Betty Halfon, Chair
  • Patrice Barrentine, Vice Chair
  • Gloria Skouge
  • Ann Magnano
  • David Ghoddousi

MarketFront (Previously Waterfront Redevelopment) 

  • Rico Quirindongo, Chair 
  • James Savitt, Vice Chair 
  • Betty Halfon
  • John Finke
  • David Ghoddousi
  • Gloria Skouge